FlashPass.net is now officially certified by CBP!

What is FlashPass?

All pilots flying across the U.S. border are required to use eAPIS 'Electronic Advance Passenger Information System'. eApis requires the pilot to send a manifest to CBP at least 60 minutes prior to departure.

FlashPass is designed to make the process of compliance as easy as it should be. Using state of the art technology and a well thought interface, FlashPass is the best way to submit your manifests.

How does it work?

FlashPass is much more than a tool to make your eAPIS manifests a breeze, it's robust, powerful, easy to use and has many key features that will make your border crossing as simple as it should be. Either on the web or on our native mobile (iOS) solutions. (see our 3 minute demo video).

Introducing FlashPass for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

FlashPass.net lives on the cloud (internet) as a web 2.0 application and keeps your data and filing capabilities accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. Even from most mobile phones (like the iPhone and most BlackBerry's). Also available for free is a native iOS app that will make the process even faster!. All platforms are points of entry to the same centralized data, so you only type once.

Certified and Approved by CBP

FlashPass is a certified service provider for CBP. This eliminates the need to visit the cumbersome CBP's website and lets you file directly from our website. Everything you need in one place!

Try FlashPass for 30 days risk free

We at Lobo:Labs are passionate pilots and developers. We are constantly looking for way's to promote flying and make it easier and less expensive.

There's nothing to loose!. You may create a full featured trial account for 30 days. You can instantly purchase a yearly subscription right from your account after you discover that FlashPass is for you. (For $60.00 USD per 12 months)

A dedicated team of developers keep the app up to date and we are constantly adding new features to make our site even better. Rule compliance is closely monitored with CBP and the application is always up to date.

Simple to use, designed to File under 30 seconds in 2 easy steps!

FlashPass is made for Pilots by Pilots. The app keeps a reusable database of your crew, aircraft, companies, manifests and passengers. All in a friendly, easy to use integrated interface. Designed for quick data entry and to minimize errors by constantly validating and looking for potential common mistakes, like expiration dates, invalid values, among others.

Design for speed and compatibility

Tons of time saving features. The layout was design in a convenient and ergonomic way to make filing your manifests a straight forward process with a streamlined set of features that empowers you to submit in 30 seconds or less. All FlashPass technologies are based on web standards so any modern web browser will work with us, including iPhone. We are working on a specific interface for mobile devices.

FlashPass.net is iPhone and iPad compatible.

Concentrate in your flight leave the paperwork to us!

FlashPass allows you to quickly create new manifests and create your return trip extremely fast with a return leg feature that makes a copy of the arrival manifest but with the destination and departure places reversed.

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Let us cover your back.

In other words, FlashPass will aid in minimizing your exposure to mistakes in your manifests.

New rules? We got you covered!

Rules will only get more difficult, and FlashPass is committed to keep up with them and to focus on speed and simplification for the user.

Share the joy.

Contact sharing its also simple and quick, FlashPass let's you export or import contacts to and from other FlashPass users.